Turkey-Armenia border can be opened before 2015

Turkish President Abdullah Gul’s declarations in Swiss parliament at the end of November created a little hope about the Armenian protocols.  I wrote a story about the atmosphere in both society-Turkey and Armenia- for Turkish section of Deutsche Welle (in Turkish http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,6291379,00.html) For this story I interviewed Artak Shakaryan -Armenian Turcologist- but I could not use the whole interview in the story. Here ise the full text of the little interview with Artak Shakaryan:
Do you think that the president Sarkisyan still has motivation for Turkey-Armenia protocol?
Artak Shakaryan: Now, the Armenian authorities has taken nationalistic dioscourse in an attempt to save face and address the deep disappoitnment of the public. But if there is a slight opportunity for development I believe he would be glad to jump in as it is his foreign policy priority and he’d do that before the next elections.
What do Armenian people think about the protocol? Do they care about the protocol?
Armenian society is greatly dissappointed and feel out-smarted by Turks and is blaming the authorities for a weak game. They still do want the open borders but care much about the Genocide issue and the NKR problem.
What is the blocking element for the protocol?
The Azeri factor is the main if not the only one. Armenian society is not ready to the involvement of the third party to the negotiations. They do not understand why Turkey is pushing the NKR issue so hard and think that Ankara does so just because Ankara itself does not sincerely want the relations to normalize.
How do you predict the future of the protocol?
2015 is the 100th year of the Genocide and major powers will do a lot to have smth positive before that. So, I believe that the latest in 2013-2014 when ther is no major election in either Turkey or Armenia, smth will take place… a second round of the protocols or just a limited opening of the borders